Blissful Poison



I want to leave my red lipstick traces on your skin.

And make them stay as a hickeys.

No, not on your neck.

Under breast and on inner thighs.

In places where only I could see them.

And you will wear them

Under your favourite long, prude skirts

And white shirts all buttoned up.

To the last one.

And nobody else will know.

But you will.

In every minute of your day.

Whoa! This post hit 1k. How? WHY?

I want to _____ you.

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just reminding everyone i have an ask box

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Anxiety isn’t cute. Don’t act like you have it because if you want it, here. Have mine. Because it’s not fucking cute and I don’t want it.

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everyone tell me abt ur day. how did your eyeliner go? did u flirt with somebody? drink enough water? make a white man nervous?

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if i become a drug dealer i’m gonna say to my customers ‘now put THAT in your pipe and smoke it” and we’d all laugh and then i’d call the police because drugs are fucking illegal

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